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Listen, if you ever have a problem, come to me first. I want us to be friends like that. And someday, together…we’ll shine.

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Finding Art in the Everyday with Israel’s @dudibensimon

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"While sitting on the couch, I saw a pile of bowls on the counter; it looked to me like a sleeve. The next day I took a picture of it,” says Tel Aviv creative director Dudi Ben Simon (@dudibensimon).

Dudi says his inspired by the people and everyday objects around him, such as his niece, a friend with great shoes and a blue-haired coworker. “Since studying history of art at school I was fascinated with what can be made by using objects and daily pieces when they are disconnected from their original use,” he explains.

Often an idea is born “in a matter of minutes,” Dudi says, and adds that he is guided by his feelings towards something with little planning ahead. “A year ago I purchased a plate with a black swan image that I had been dying to take a picture of but couldn’t find an idea,” says Dudi. “One morning, I opened the fridge and in front of me I saw some green beans—I took the photo that second before I left to work. I also take the photos on the same table or hardwood floor. It amazes me how different it turns out every time.”


I can never get any work done



Fists of Righteousness

Speed paint commission of Bai and Hei for Digidoll.

Daedelus - Order of the Golden Dawn

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Made some space bunnies for my twitter.

Space Foxes

Space Turtles