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Mika Aoki  ’ Singing Glass ‘

Japanese artist Mika Aoki embraces the dichotomous nature of glass’s solidity yet fragility. She says of the translucent material: “Unless light shines on it, we can’t confirm the existence of it because it is transparent. But once the light shines on it, glass truly emanates a special presence.” In her series of works titled Singing Glass, the artist presents glass morphed into amoebic and otherworldly forms that leaves the viewer mesmerized. In any other medium, the pieces would lose their intrigue.

Looking through the sculptor’s portfolio, there is a surreal mix of science gone awry and fairy tale-like icy enchantment. In a number of her works, there are glass creatures and abstract figures encased within glass containers, like lab experiments. Because of the dual layers of clear elements, some of the structures within actually look like more like water bubbles. The other pieces that are not trapped within clear encasements, they echo the luminosity and sharp crystallization of ice.


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全员小排球 | Kibi

※Permission to upload this illustration was given by the artist. The artist strictly prohibits the redistribution, use, and editing of their illustrations without authorization.


The Fall
  ↳ We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.



Artist: illigram


oh yeah i colored up THIS old sketch too, for fanime! IM SELLING A LOT OF THINGS GUYS COME BY MY BOOTH!!!!! #1004!!!!


Sometimes i forget scallops swim like this its fuckin hilarious

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I decided to do something cool for someone!

So here’s the rundown:

I’m want to buy YOUR ticket into the con. 

Yes, you read that right. I want to pay for your registration!

But of course there is a catch.


I only want to help someone out who has either A) Never been to katsucon. or B) Has only been a few times before. or C) Unable to go because of minor financial things but able to find a room/ride etc.

So let’s lay some ground rules!

Tell me your story. Have you been to katsucon? How many times have you gone (if you’ve been before)? Why are you reblogging this? What’s preventing you from getting your preregistration done? Message me or reblog this. I will read each and every one! (Please note that I will actually turn you down if you’re just looking for a free ride when you have the money to pay for it yourself. This is a helping hand for the slightly less capable okay?)

You do not have to be following me. Nor do you need to follow me after this. Though that would be cool.

Only like/reblog once. No more. Multiple reblogs will not count.

You have to be okay with giving me your info for the reg. I will do the registration with whatever info you give me. (I will NOT be giving you the cash for it for you to do it yourself. This ensures that it is in fact used for registration.)

You’re on your own for a place to stay. I’m only able to help with this much.

Don’t be a jerk and reblog this just for a freebie. I’m not here to help you if you’re able to help yourself (omg I hate sounding mean like that)

I will pick the “winner” by the middle of September, and taking care of the registration before the end of that month. So reblog this until August 31st!


Good luck! :)

Gosh, I feel embarrassed writing this out.

After ten years of absence I finally went to Katsucon again last year. It was a wonderful experience where I got to meet many people I’ve only ever talked to online. I’ve realized I’ve become more interested in talking in person to people I know despite my people avoidance ways. There’s a kind of different connection in talking to others like that. Years ago I only went to watch anime and look at things the vendor had around.

So why can’t I pay for it myself this year? My husband use to work as a game tester. But after being laid off three times he has decided to try his hand as a writer. His very first book has recently been sold. I currently only work part-time at a library. I cannot justify to myself spending this money on a convention when our monetary situation isn’t the most stable thing. There are responsibilities like paying for our condo and dog and wow, this just sounds like I’m trying to write a sob story. It won’t be the end of the world if I don’t go, but I would appreciate it. Thank you for making this giveaway. :)